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OPening and welcome

Welcome from ESOMAR Leadership & Local representatives

Opening Keynote

Sponsored Fast Tracks


The YES [Young ESOMAR Society] Award

 If you are under 31 years submit your pitch for a chance to showcase your know-how on the stage. Deadline 7 June

The Research Effectiveness Award

For research users who wish to celebrate excellence and can demonstrate the impact of their research [agency partners may co-present]. Deadline 7 June

Odyssey of the Human Mind


 Thought leadership 

Decoding the Tech-Nurtured Brain

What is happening to the development of our brains in an increasingly tech-driven world?

Lyndall Spooner, Fifth Dimension Research and Consulting, Australia
Understand how the tech-nurtured brain has manipulated how consumers and brands interact in the digital world and altered human intelligence.

 Methodological innovation 

Unlocking The Logic Of Emotion

A new framework for mapping emotion and behaviour

Robert Harrison-Plastow, Source Nine Insights, UK
Understand how the tech-nurtured brain has manipulated how consumers and brands interact in the digital world and altered human intelligence.

 Case Study 

A 21st Century Euphrosyne

How AI and insight communities unlocked the secret of joy

Andrew Cannon, EQJOY, Finland

Paul Hudson, FlexMR, UK

Discover how second-gen AI helped the Art and Science of Joy uncover the secrets, and barriers, to living a life of joy by studying 12 months of content - and how you can apply the best practice we've learnt to unpack emotionally sensitive subjects.

Nothing Artificial About It | The Real Accelerants to AI Adoption


 Thought Leadership / Call-To-Action 

The Human-AI symbiosis 

Defining the future of insights; where wisdom meets technology

Adam Riley, Decision Architechts, UK

David Smith, DVL Smith, UK

The insight industry needs a powerful core unifying idea if it is to survive in the AI era, something to which everyone in the industry can relate. We explain what this should be and how to deliver it!

 Client Topic 

Fear of Missing Out. Fear of Getting In

What are opportunities for marketers in the AI era?

Minh Nguyen, Google,  Japan

Mahima Surana, Accenture, Singapore

Our global study has mapped the excitement marketers have, the obstacles they face and captured the areas where assistance is most needed when adopting Generative AI.  To aid marketers in successfully integrating AI into their processes we have developed an AI maturity model offering strategic guidance and solutions.

Research Heroes: Safeguarding Brands for Tomorrow


 Thought Leadership / Call-To-Action 

Back to the future

Redefining the way Diageo both forecasts and shapes the future

Javier Camino, Diageo, Spain

Living in the Future, how Diageo adopted a future back approach that inspired the whole business and established a tangible process for long-term innovation.

 Client topic 

Future Back

Understanding the evolution of shoppers and channels

Romina Odorico, The Coca-Cola Company, Argentina

Luiza Rossi, The Coca-Cola Company, Costa Rica

We embarked on a journey to explore qualitative methodologies and extrapolate fundamental trends research concepts to shed light on the future of shoppers and channels globally. This innovative approach equipped the business with a future-focused vision, poised for transformative growth.

 Client topic 

A Synthesis of Minds

Transforming fragmented insights into unified wisdom for business success

Katarzyna (Kasia) Krolick, Danone Nutricia, Netherlands

Sarah Raoufian, SKIM, UK

We share the challenges stemming from dispersed knowledge within a multi-national business, as well as the positive impact on decision-making processes that came from investing in a knowledge rewind that was created using AI, stakeholder interviews and resulted in a digestible briefing book.

 Thought Leadership / Call-To-Action 

The Winged Goddess Of Victory

A story of brand enlightenment, starring 7 chakras, AI, emotion, wisdom and instinct

Melani Castro-Kelly, Nike, USA

Kristin Hickey, Kubi Kalloo, UK

A unique story of a path to brand enlightenment at Nike which fuses ancient & mystical chakras, heavy data & modern AI, deep wisdom, intuition & human creativity. More 'myth' than machine? More 'mind' than 'myth'? That's for you to decide.

For the Greta Good | Taking Action to Avoid a Modern Tragedy


 Thought Leadership / Call-To-Action 

Navigating the Epic Journey to Net-Zero

How behaviour science can help accelerate the adoption of electric cars and solve climate change

Richard Hebditch, Transport & Environment, UK

David Voxlin, SKIM, Netherlands

On the epic journey to combat climate change, the transition to electric cars is at a tipping point. Will we be able to avoid tragedy and create a cleaner, healthier future? New insights from behavioural science can help us win.


 Case Study 

Supercharge your CSR Marketing Strategy

The transformative Impact of GenAI-powered persona bots to deploy and activate the CSR strategy

Isabelle Herbert Collet, Orange, France

Persona bots, fuelled by GenAI, are facilitating the activation of Orange's CSR strategy in marketing and communications. They are dynamic and interactive, enabling stakeholders of Orange to engage and interact with them directly and in real.

 Thought leadership / Call-to-action 

Green Money

How sustainability becomes the new global currency and the future of banking

Lester Sualog PureSpectrum, Singapore

An investigation on the sustainability challenges and triumphs of banks in Asia Pacific with myth-busting stories of green washing in the industry.

Uncomfortable Truths

 Client topic 

Decoding the Dark Web

An ethnographic immersion to unearth conversations on drug and substance use today

Paul Labagnara, The Lab Insight & Strategy, Australia

Katie Lucas, The Lab Insight & Strategy, Australia

We show how powerful cultural intelligence at scale can be when we go beyond mainstream social platforms to the uncomfortable edges of culture.

 Industry Challenge 


How toxic positivity is killing insight

Ian Pierpoint, Further and Further, Canada

Research tends to avoid heavy issues and conversations, resulting in toxic positivity. We argue that we need to get more human and more comfortable with being uncomfortable. Many brands exist to solve problems, big and small, so research needs to have permission to go there, and tell uncomfortable stories.

Tech It From Me: Energising Tomorrow’s Research

 Methodological innovation 

Beyond Screens: Disruptive Market Research with XR surveys

Pushing the boundaries of traditional data collection with AR and VR

Ennio Armato, FFIND, Italy

Ever wondered why tech giants are betting big on XR headsets? The dawn of spatial computing beckons! Don't let market research lag. Jump aboard for an immersive journey with VR/XR surveys!

 Client Topic 

AI: Perseus or Zeus?

How AI can be both the hero and antagonist in researchers’ quest for the truth

Kirstin Hamlyn, Microsoft Corporation, USA

Suhasini Sanyal Saxton, Microsoft, USA

We unveil Microsoft's AI Odyssey and while AI is the hero of our story, delivering deeper insights and improved respondent experiences; it is also the antagonist creating unexpected complexity in data privacy and compliance.

Conversations at Scale


 Client Topic 

Empathy or Emptiness:

Unravelling the impact of AI on human connection in qualitative research

Ajay Bangia, Ipsos, Malaysia

Jim Legg, Ipsos, USA

Rollo McIntyre, Ipsos, UK

We share our findings from an ambitious, self-funded research qualitative pilots conducted in the US, UK, and Japan. We embarked on this journey to explore the impact of AI on qualitative research, seeking to answer a fundamental question: Does AI foster greater empathy, or does it leave us feeling empty?

 Methodological innovation 

AI Enhanced Market Research - Assembling a perfect team

A brand and a tech provider take you along their exploration journey of gen AI

Orkan Dolay, Bilendi & respondi, France

Laurence Minisini, Givaudan International SA, Switzerland

We divulge details of our tests and learnings with AI when applying and adapting it to a concrete case with fast food consumers in three countries.

 Qualitative Methodological innovation 

Amplifying Human Insights with AI

Achieving record wins in on demand delivery

Shari Aaron, Radius, USA

Shayna Beckwith, Radius Insights, USA

Matthew Blacknell, Mars Wrigley, UK

Betsy Fitzgibbons, Mars Wrigley, USA

Preriit Souda, PSA Consultants, UK

Mars Wrigley grew it’s On Demand Delivery (ODD) global digital sales, year over year by 15%, driven by understanding this channel and its shoppers through a multi-layered, year-long research expedition.

 Case Study 

From Conversations to Conversion

How Xbox uses conversational AI to 3X impact

Kathy Cheng, Nexxt Intelligence | inca, Canada

Romani Patel, Microsoft, USA

Learn how Microsoft Xbox leverages conversational AI to enhance engagement, express emotion, extend brand love, and tie qualitative insights with quantitative confidence to business outcomes.


Agora After-Hours 

Monday night’s networking takes place at Gazarte in Technopolis. Connect, socialize, and enjoy the Athenian nightlife in an area loved for its unique blend of historical charm and contemporary vibes. 

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