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Brand AI.nnovation


 Methodological innovation 

Semantic Frontiers

Unearthing Trends with AI and Knowledge Graphs

Benjamin Bado, Puratos Group, Belgium

Benoit Hubert, Ipsos, France

Laurent Vuillon, University of Savoie Mont Blanc, France

We collaborated to transform trends into clear, practical, and valuable business

actions in the rapidly evolving food industry. The result was unparalleled insights by merging internal metadata with expansive social data, paving the way for the discovery of novel solutions.

 Case Study 

AI Power and Human Expertise

A product innovation journey

Meghan Reinhardt, Zappi, USA
Nic Umana, Mars, USA

What's the potential for AI and data to reinvent product innovation? We share and discuss experiments from real-life testing of AI-generated products and debate AI's future in insights.

 Methodological innovation 

Unveiling the power of synergy in innovation

Battle of the Titans: Human vs. Machine

Elise Misse, Ricola, Switzerland

Thomas Troch, Human8, USA

Annelies Verhaeghe, Human8, Belgium

Innovation reimagined! An AI experiment with Ricola explores the power of AI, human creativity and business thinking to unlock breakthrough ideas.

 Client topic 

Innovate or Stagnate

How Burberry Turned GenAI Anxiety into Opportunity

Ross Dempsey, Stravito (ex-Burberry), UK

Maria Vounou, Burberry, UK

Generative AI started with a bang but stumbled in enterprise adoption due to high stakes, costly mistakes, and strict security measures. Yet, at Burberry, we cracked the code making generative AI a company-wide, decision-influencing, reality.

 Client topic 

The Art of Simplicity is a Puzzle of Complexity

Unleashing an incisive innovation offensive for our chilled dairy business

Ritanbara Mundrey, Société des Produits Nestlé S.A., Switzerland

When human minds and man-made machines meld, magic happens.

Human and Digital Characters for Modern Insight Stories

 Methodological innovation 

Modern Day Prometheus

Digital respondents and their implications for market research

Michael Patterson, Radius, USA

Cole Patterson, Symmetric Sampling, USA

The use of digital AI respondents over traditional, human respondents has enormous implications in market research. We'll present a study comparing results from these two sources; discuss when digital respondents can be best used and share best practices for constructing, utilizing, and valuing digital respondents.

 Case Study 

Reset and Reimagine

Empowering human interaction and scaling insights with AI

Philip Nellenbach, Holland & Barrett, UK
Heather O’Brien, Prodege, UK

Phil Sutcliffe, Nexxt Intelligence | inca, UK

We see the advent of synthetic data as an opportunity for primary market research to reconsider how it can deliver real human insight. We will present the results of a series of experiments.

 Methodological innovation 

Unleashing Innovation In Market Research

Using synthetic data to solve client problems

Julia Brannigan, Bulbshare, UK

Kerry Jones, Greencore, UK

The pursuit of innovation in market research drives us to explore new methodologies that yield impactful results. Amidst this quest, synthetic data emerges as a ground-breaking tool, reshaping the dynamics of how we understand consumer behaviour.

 Industry Challenge 

Synthetic Data in Marketing Studies

Exploring the promises of generative AI and synthetic data

Samuel Cohen, Fairgen, Israel

Thomas Duhard, IFOP, France

We pushed AI to its limits to determine to what extent synthetic samples are a revolution or an overpromise in the search for insights.

 Client topic 

Rediscovering the Immigrant Journey

Mapping the potential of synthetic data in global immigrant stories.

Arundati Dandapani,, Canada

Kuno Tucker, Manulife Wealth, Canada

We examine the potential benefits and challenges of using synthetic data to fill in the data

gaps to improve our understanding of immigrant groups for brands and public services that target and market to these groups.

Epic Tales of Branding Magic 

 Client topic 

Emotion-Inducing Fragrances

Harnessing the power of scent-evoked feelings

Manuel Garcia-Garcia, Ipsos, USA

Adriana Mora, Sol de Janeiro, USA

Mapping and measuring the emotional response in the fragrance experience, cross-cultural evidence from the United States and China

 Thought leadership/all-to-action 

What is the Blueprint for Brand Growth?

Exploring the myths and mysteries of brand marketing theories

Mary Kyriakidi, Kantar, UK

Jane Ostler, Kantar, UK

We've been tracking brands and analysing real world consumption data for the last 10 years. We’ll reveal the myths and mysteries of brand marketing theories.

The Enigma of Gen Z | Navigating the Next Gen Labyrinth

 Industry Challenge 

She? He? They?

Embracing diversity in brand storytelling beyond gender binaries

Marta Bierca, WiseRabbit, Poland

Milena Morawiec, MindTheGap, Poland

The youth say binary is exhausted. Traditional thinking in terms of femininity and masculinity is negated by Z and Alpha generations. At the same time, marketers are still traditional. Is it possible to reconcile these two approaches?

 Case Study 

Inside the Gen Z Parental Mind

Connecting with the next generation of parents to understand how they are redefining parenthood.

Marieke Boers, Philips, Netherlands

Angie Deceuninck, Human8, Netherlands

A myth-busting case study demonstrating the power of blending perspectives

The Silent Revolution of Representation | How Unheard Voices can be Amplified

 Case Study 

‘The Book of Boobs' & Project BeliEVE

From personal lived experience to empowering women, sustainable impact and positive change

Garreth Chandler, HumanListening, Australia

Lou Mckenna-Mayes, TONIBOBANDLOU C.I.C., UK

BeliEVE is helping shape the future of visual decision- making aids for breast reconstruction- an innovative & sensitive application of AI to understanding patient insights

 Case Study 

Unveiling the Chorus of Modern Society

Publicising social survey results

Christos Grentzelos, Abacus Research, Greece

Vassilis (Bill) Kokiopoulos, Abacus Research, Greece

We highlight the importance of a constructive utopia, that of a society where apart from our echo chambers we dare to listen to media voices which might make us uncomfortable temporarily, but in the long run make us better people and better citizens.

 Case Study 

Empowering People within Canada to Engage in Human Rights

How the Canadian Museum for Human Rights is using connective and defiant empathy frameworks to engage with people within Canada

Ryan Hughes, Humanity, Canada

Amy Knowles, Research Strategy Group, Canada

Riva Harrison, Canadian Museum for Human Rights, Canada

We showcase how the Canadian Museum for Human Rights has used powerful behavioural science and semiotics to engage people in human rights.

 Thought leadership/Call-to-action 

Unravelling the Cost of Living Crisis Myth

Exploring the human stories behind the data through a multi-method, cross-country analysis

Jana Rude, Euromonitor International, Lithuania

The cost-of-living crisis could serve as a contemporary myth if left unexamined beyond the notion that consumers are looking to save money where they can. Rather than 'busting myths', this paper provides data and insights to clarify what the cost-of-living crisis means for businesses and their target consumers.

Cultural Alchemy | Local Insights for Global Impact

 Case Study 

The LATAM Airlines Story

Uncovering myths of the region to bring meaning to a global airline

Fiona Blades, MESH Experience, UK

Andre D’Abreu, LATAM Airlines, Chile

This is a heart-warming case study to inspire others to find unity, to overcome stereotypes, to bust long-held myths and to find authentic meaning for their brands.

Stories to Treasure: Research that Unifies


 Case Study 

The “Others”

Defending memories of friendships between nations in modern times

Sevgi Gül, BAREM Research, Turkey

Katerina Konstantinou, The Hellinic Research House SA, Greece

Konstantinos Kavafis wrote a poem about barbarians (“others”). We share a powerful research story that aims to challenge the myth that nations can be regarded as “others" by showcasing stories showing that nations, especially when living side by side for centuries as is the case with Greece and Turkey, are inherently connected to each other.

 Case Study 

Mindful Heroes

Unveiling the human narratives of young Ukrainians

Daniel Cunill, Bilendi & respondi, UK

Will Roberts, Zinc Network, UK

Young people are the future, but how are Ukraine's youth today? We've been following their journeys for four years for the USAID-funded Ukraine National Identity through Youth (UNITY) program and NGO, IREX.


Mediterranean Starlit Soiree 

Join us for a dazzling night under the Mediterranean moonlight, and shine even brighter by dressing in white attire.

Surrounded by the sea on ESOMAR’s private peninsula, we invite you to a magical evening of memorable conversations and wonderful cuisine. Transportation and entrance to the ESOMAR Isle is included in your registration.

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