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Media Myths and the Art of Audience Engagement


 Case Study 

The Impact of Attention 

How understanding attention has informed brands to maxmise advertising effectiveness

Richard Colwell, Red C Research & Marketing, Ireland

Are you paying attention? The transformative impact for brands of a multimodal research programme that builds human attention into the media effectiveness model.


Methodological innovation 

Supercharging Media Optimisation by Unlocking the Power of Time

Uncover not just where to invest your marketing budget, but when

Alfonso Calatrava, Meta, Spain

Jessica Ödling, Nepa AB, Sweden

We joined forces to lay the next innovative piece in the MMM puzzle - optimising investment timings to bridge the gap between strategic and tactical decision making.

Methodological innovation


Creating the French OOH Audience Measurement currency

Francis Moureaux, Mobimétrie, France

Jean-Noël Zeh, Ipsos, France

Leveraging synthetic data to simulate the trips of more than 4M individuals in a virtual France to estimate the traffic in streets at a national level.

Thought leadership

When Content Meets People

Breaking out of the straightjacket imposed by traditional views of format, form and genre.

Kenny Cunniffe, BBC, UK

Stella Hill, BBC Studios, UK

Kevin Thompson, Tapestry (Partners) Ltd, UK

We used AI to classify what people told us about their media consumption. This enabled an almost qualitative analysis of consumer motivations at scale that we could stress-test against time, place, media type and even specific titles – enabling us to answer the big questions, such as why short form is such a competitor to TV.

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